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Iron Fist to be Netflix series

Netflix has been killing it with their Marvel Comics super hero series. Their use of the oft forgotten street level heroes has been a huge hit for them. It all started with Daredevil taking on the Kingpin in Daredevil season one. Next we were introduced to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in the Jessica Jones series. The Luke Cage series gave us the back story on Luke as well as introducing Misty Knight and teasing Colleen Wing. Daredevil season 2 put the Punisher front and center. The Punisher was so well received they greenlit a series focused on him. Now we are getting to see Danny Rand/Iron Fist in his own series. All of this is leading up to the Defenders series where they all work together to stop crime in New York.

Finn Jones will star as Danny Rand/Iron Fist on the Netflix series scheduled for release on March 17, 2017. The plot has Danny returning to New York City after being presumed dead for 15 years. He has come back to reclaim his family’s company. When a threat emerges Danny must choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist.

Who is Iron Fist?

Danny’s father, Wendell had found the mystical city of K’un-L’un as a young boy. During his time in K’un L’un, Wendell saved the life of the city’s ruler, Lord Tuan and was adopted by him. Wendell eventually left K’un L’un and became a wealthy entrepreneur in the United States.

Wendell later organized an expedition to rediscover K’un L’un. He took his wife, his business partner, and his nine-year-old son (Daniel). On the climb up the mountain, Daniel slips off the path. His tie-rope pulls his mother and father with him.

Wendell ends up falling to his death. Daniel and his mother come across a makeshift bridge that appears out of nowhere. They are then attacked by a pack of wolves. Daniel’s mother throws herself on the wolves to save him. The K’un L’un archers try unsuccessfully to save her. The archers take Daniel to see Yü-Ti, the hooded ruler of K’un L’un. Yü-Ti apprentices him to Lei Kung, the Thunderer, who teaches him the martial arts.

Daniel proves to be the most gifted of Lei Kung’s students. At 19 Daniel is given the chance to attain the power of the Iron Fist by fighting and defeating the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying. Shou-Lao guards the molten heart that had been torn from his body. Daniel figured out the heart provides life energy to Shou-Lao through the dragon-shaped scar on its chest. He covers the scar with his own body and hangs on until Shou-Lao collapses and dies. The process burned a dragon tattoo into his own chest. Daniel enters the dragon’s cave and plunges his fists into a brazier containing the creature’s molten heart. This grants him the power of the Iron Fist.

When K’un L’un reappears on Earth after 10 years, Daniel leaves to return to New York. It is during this time he teams up with Luke Cage to form Heroes for Hire. They will be uniting with Misty Knight, Jessica Jones, Daredevil to form a new group called the Defenders. Luke Cage is the only character that was consistently a member of the older Defenders comic book series. Marvel plans to launch a new Defenders comic book using these characters in 2017.

Iron Fists Powers and Abilities

Danny Rand has been infused with the dragon’s (Shou-Lao) superhuman energy. He has received extensive martial arts training from Lei Kung the Thunderer. Danny is able to concentrate his chi and the superhuman energy from Shou-Lao’s heart into his hand. He can use this “iron fist” to strike with superhuman hardness and impact. Summoning the power required to use this ability leaves Danny physically/mentally drained and unable to repeat the act for a time.

He is also able to focus his chi inward to heal himself or outward to heal others of injury. He can give himself psychic senses and telepathically fuse his consciousness with another person.

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