Top 10 comics list for December 2016

It’s a tie

The Top 10 comics for December are an even 50/50 split between Marvel and DC. None of the smaller publishers were able to crack the top 10 this month.

DC Comics again relied heavily on Batman related titles. All 5 of their top 10 comics have Batman in them. Batman #12 & …

Talk Nerdy to Me Suicide Squad movie preview

Talk Nerdy to Me Suicide Squad movie preview

The Suicide Squad is an aptly named group. They are some of the most vile and treacherous villains that could be pulled from the depths of all of DC Comics prisons. The idea behind their black ops group is the government will take time off their prison …

Talk Nerdy to Me Suicide Squad,Blade Runner, SPBD

Talk Nerdy to Me Episode 12

This week Jack and Troy from talk about the awesome web site Super Power Beat Down, Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana, and Blade Runner.

Super Power Beat Down

The concept of Super Power Beat Down web series is to take two super powered legends and make …