Nerd News for the week of September 16

Patrick, Trevor, and Troy get together to ramble aimlessly about the cool nerdy stuff happening in the world of movies, TV, comics, and board/card games.  This is a new addition to our podcast family and we’re still looking to define the show.  If you have any topics you’d like to see us cover let us …

Talk Nerdy to Me Dark Tower,Shannara,Robin War

Talk Nerdy to Me Episode 11

In this episode Jack and Troy from discuss the hit MTV show, Shannara Chronicles, the upcoming Stephen King movie Dark Tower, and DC Comics Robin War crossover event.

Shannara Chronicles

Shannara Chronicles is based on the Terry Brooks fantasy book series of the same name.  It stars Manu …

Talk Nerdy to Me Gotham,Valiant,Deadpool movie

Talk Nerdy to Me Episode 10

In this episode of Talk Nerdy to Me, Jack and Troy discuss the 5 movie deal Valiant Comics has with Sony, the upcoming Deadpool movie, and Gotham.

Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics has signed a 5 movie deal with Sony. Valiant Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Sony for …

Talk Nerdy to Me Comics, movies, TV shows

Talk Nerdy to Me Comics, movies, TV shows

In this episode Jack and Troy discuss upcoming movies, ongoing TV series, and of course give you their comic book pick of the week.


Jack picks Batman & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This title is a collaboration between DC Comics and IDW Publishing.  It was …