Secret Empire

Marvel Comics Secret Empire review

Marvel’s Secret Empire story-line made Captain America a complete opposite of what we have known about him for decades. They made it so Captain America had been an agent of Hydra ever since his childhood. Understandably, a lot of people were very upset over this new Captain America identity. The narrative is set in place …

Captain America is Hydra in Marvel’s Secret Empire

Captain America is a Hydra agent

Ever since Captain America uttered “Hail Hydra” on the last page of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, Marvel Comics fans have been in turmoil. Marvel Comics received lots of hate mail and Nick Spencer received death threats.

It was later explained that Red Skull used Kobik, the living cosmic …

Talk Nerdy to Me Civil War movie preview

Talk Nerdy to Me Civil War movie preview

Jack and Troy from discuss the upcoming Marvel movie, Civil War. In the comics during a televised raid of a house containing recently escaped villains Nitro let off a massive explosion.  The explosion killed the majority of the New Warriors as well as the children at …