Lobo, the last Czarnian, returns

All Hail the return of Lobo

Another of what we perceive as missteps by DC Comics with the New 52 launch was the treatment given to Lobo. They made it so the Lobo we have all grown to love was an impostor. The big, gruff, hard drinking, gun for hire, biker Lobo was supposed to …

Top Ten favorite Saturday morning cartoons

Saturday morning cartoons are dead

With the invention of cable/satellite TV and the availability of every cartoon in the world at the push of a single button, only the older crowd will appreciate this list.

Back in the day before 24 hour cartoon networks, video on demand, DVR, and the internet, we had to wake …

Top Selling Comics for August 2016

DC Comics beating Marvel Comics

DC Comics saw a slight uptick in comic sales way back when the New 52 initiative first started.  Those sales dipped after readers became increasingly frustrated with the unexplained timeline changes and the lack of consistency from one title to another.  DC planned to have 52 titles active at all …

The Exorcist TV series on FOX

The Exorcist is coming to the small screen

Jack and Troy from ZiaComics.com get all nerdy about the new FOX TV series, The Exorcist. The original movie of the same name scared the pants off me as a little kid.

My parents wouldn’t let me watch it, so like all kids I found a way …

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 discussion

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie coming soon

Guardians of the Galaxy’s box office success proved that Marvel can take a group of lesser known characters and make a really good movie.  It is one of those rare movies that received an over 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from both the critics and the audience.  …