Future Man Hulu original series seasons 1 and 2 review

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Hulu has thrown their hat in the ring of making original programming for their platform. They’ve had some success with shows like The Runaways, The Mindy Project, Castle Rock, 11.22.63, Harlots, and The Handmaid’s Tale. With this award winning content, great shows like Future Man kinda get lost.

It was one of …

Interview with Jason David Frank

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Jason David Frank, or JDF, is known mostly for his portrayal of Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers universe.  He has been the Green, Red, White, Black, and even Ninja Ranger.  He was also Lord Drakkon in the Shattered Grid story-line.  He has reprised the role of Green and White Power Ranger …

Interview with WWE personality Vicke Guerrero

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Vickie Guerrero is a WWE personality known for her catchphrase, “Excuse me!”.  She typically plays the cougar/villain role in WWE story-lines.  She is the widow of professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero. We find out how Vickie made the transition from side of the ring to in the ring to manager.  We also find …

Ghostbusters 3 discussion

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The original two Ghostbuster movies set the bar pretty high for any follow-ons. The distinctive jump suits, proton packs, and the iconic Ecto-1 will be forever enshrined in our memories.

Then came the Ghostbuster cartoons, which were surprisingly good in their own right. Many a Saturday morning were spent watching Real Ghostbusters …

Interview with Ming Chen from Comic Book Men

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If you are a Kevin Smith fan, you undoubtedly know Ming Chen.  Ming has worked his way up from webmaster of the View Askewniverse to being a regular on the Comic Book Men TV series.  We find out Ming is a lover of green chile, but most importantly we get his answer …