Marvel Comics Mutant Bordello The X Ranch

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Little known fact, Marvel Comics actually had a brothel in Nevada that employed mutants. The mutants that worked there had particular abilities that allowed them to give clients their ultimate pleasure without actually making physical contact with them. This brothel is only mentioned in a handful of issues.

Since there was no …

Quarantine Chat with Jack & Ray

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The Shutdown has been going for about 2 months now. That means most of us have a lot of free time on our hands. I called up Jack and Ray to see what they were doing.  We got the band back together one more time for a quick little update on what …

El Paso Comic Con talk with the Reel Screeners

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Lenny and Beto from the Reel Screeners YouTube channel grill me incessantly about about El Paso Comic Con.  I give them the low-down on everything that has happened with El Paso Comic Con since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit and turned everything on it’s side.  From vendors to featured guests to attendees.…